You are in Press Releases New Version of Syngo.via Brings Anatomical Intelligence to Diagnostic Reading

New Version of Syngo.via Brings Anatomical Intelligence to Diagnostic Reading

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cid FFC0D725FBA14EA69115BCDEA4ED98D1AlaaPCSIEMENS, UK, January 9, 2013 - Siemens Healthcare has launched version VA30 of its routine 3D and advanced reading software, syngo®.via, at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2013 Annual Meeting.

The innovation provides new applications and functionalists that streamline and accelerate the user experience for greater efficiency and higher diagnostic confidence.

The anatomically intelligent software is designed to support clinicians in routine workflows, processing human anatomy and preparing images for diagnostic reading.

The new software includes the syngo.via General Engine feature which is a new package of highly automated and standardized applications.

Included in this, Anatomical Range Presets identifies individual regions of the body on images captured using CT and MR images, aligns the image projections accordingly, then selects detailed views to facilitate and optimise case preparation.

It is able to recognise shoulders, spines, hips, and other areas, optimising how they are displayed in their anatomical environment. syngo.via VA30 also features Automatic Rib Labelling, automatically identifying / labelling the ribs in CT scans, removing the need for radiologists to identify ribs manually and helping to prevent human error.

Also part of the syngo.via General Engine, the Advanced Reporting tool helps radiologists create clear, well-structured reports for referrals or follow-up.

Standardized templates make it easier to create reports that can still be customized to individual needs, with the ability to consolidate findings from multiple examinations into a single report.

The diagnostic report can reflect the patient's entire disease profile making it easier for clinicians to form a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition, helping to improve the quality of treatment.

Siemens Healthcare continuously strives to update its syngo.via based software options, which could be considered medical devices in their own rights,” states Ronan Kirby, syngo Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare and Head of Service at Siemens Healthcare Ireland.

“Version VA30 of syngo.via rapidly understands the human anatomy, providing the essential details needed in case preparation and helping to streamline the process for an enhanced quality of care.

Initial clinical feedback at RSNA was very positive and we look forward to hearing from new users in addition to those choosing to upgrade to the latest version.”

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