You are in Press Releases Kingspoint Medical Imaging Implements BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud Archive for Community-wide Image Managem

Kingspoint Medical Imaging Implements BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud Archive for Community-wide Image Managem

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cid image001 jpg01CEEA89DALLAS, TX, and CHICAGO, IL, December 1, 2013 – BRIT Systems announced today that Kingspoint Medical Imaging Inc., a leading radiology and mobile imaging provider in Texas, has implemented the Roentgen Cloud to help manage, archive and share medical imaging across healthcare providers who use the company’s mobile imaging services.

Kingspoint will also utilize the Roentgen Cloud to provide image management and archiving services to providers who have their own imaging modality yet don’t have the advanced functionality that Kingspoint can deliver with Roentgen Cloud, such as mobile image viewing and sharing.

BRIT offered a solution that was customized to our needs as a mobile imaging provider,” says Bertrand Ebang, IT Manager, Kingspoint Medical Imaging.

“Additionally, the solution will enable us to continue growing our business by extending the cloud archive to providers, offering a cost-effective, scalable solution to the local health communities that we serve.”

Kingspoint provides mobile medical imaging services to more than 50 specialty clinics and physician practices.

In many cases, these mobile imaging services provide diagnostic imaging and screening tests for patients who may otherwise not have access to them, such as screening mammograms.

With the Roentgen Cloud, Kingspoint will now be able to provide a continuity of care patient record that includes these disparate medical services across providers.

Additionally, patients will be able to securely access their health information via BRIT’s patient portal, which is a part of the Roentgen Cloud.

In addition to archiving medical images and reports resulting from the mobile imaging services, Kingspoint will offer the Roentgen Cloud platform to healthcare providers for an efficient and cost-effective method to manage, access and share medical imaging and information among radiologist, specialists and primary care physicians.

Through the Roentgen Cloud infrastructure, Kingspoint will be able to help radiologists and clinicians provide more immediate patient diagnosis, which enhances patient care and safety.

In addition, this service will help Kingspoint strengthen service ties with their existing providers.

Roentgen Cloud is a DICOM cloud archive with a 100% browser-based interface that enables users to upload, download and share medical images and reports.

It includes WebWorks, an advanced medical image viewer that is accessible from browsers and mobile devices.

“We have found the Roentgen Cloud to be fast, flexible and the best value and price for the services and features it provides,” says Thomas Ejede, Administrator for Kingspoint.

“The customer service we have received from BRIT has been excellent.”

“At BRIT, we embrace the concept of investing in communities by partnering with local service providers, such as Kingspoint,” says Yassin Sallam, National Sales Manager, BRIT Systems.

“With customizable solutions, BRIT was able to partner with Kingspoint at a level that delivers workflow efficiencies they need to retain their value to patients and providers.”

About BRIT Systems:

BRIT Systems is a radiology IT company providing integrated solutions from image acquisition through report delivery that can be customized for virtually any healthcare environment, from clinics to healthcare systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

In addition to PACS/RIS and teleradiology, BRIT offers cross-enterprise medical image sharing, including zero footprint browser and mobile device viewers; server and cloud-based storage for reports and images; and enhanced communication and collaborative tools for clinicians.

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