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kjayaKJAYA, USA, December 1, 2013 - Recognized for Leading Edge Computing Technology in Healthcare.

KJAYA Medical was selected to present its next-generation cloud-based VoXcell medical imaging platform at the AMD Ventures Innovation Summit in San Jose this month.

The Summit showcases innovative, high-growth software companies that can utilize AMD technology.

The choice of speakers by AMD was highly selective,representing an elite group of technology leaders poised to play a key role in the future of computing.

AMD Ventures is a well-known strategic investor in software and application companies that serve large and growing markets.

Its prestigious annual conference draws technology leaders, game developers, academics and start-up investors from around the globe for a combination of business and technology presentations, product demonstrations, workshops and networking events.

AMD convenes a technology conference each year to highlight its current and emerging technologies.

The main theme was on accelerated processing unit (APUs), which combines graphics processing units (GPUs) that power today’s advanced video gaming cards with the standard single central processing units (CPUs) into a single chip.

Code-named Berlin, the server technology reaches an ultra-fast processing speed of 1TFLOPS.

AMD wanted to highlight the different markets server based APU can make an impact and selected KJAYA to represent the healthcare sector.

KJAYA is a pioneer in using GPU+CPU combination to stream diagnostic quality images over the web at access speeds similar to an on-site PACS.

As such KJAYA was invited to present at AMD conference.

KJAYA is extremely honored to have been chosen as one of the technology leaders participating in this high-profile event,”says Kovey Kovalan, KJAYA's Founder and Chief Architect.

“Our VoXcellCloud applies the latest advances in computing to healthcare,as we help the medical profession greatly improve its access to diagnostic images to help save lives.”

Kovalan focused on KJAYA’s innovative  applications of the GPU Cloud for medical imaging, KJAYA is uniquely positioned topioneeruse of the new APU chip in medical imaging because its existing cloud data centers already combinealgorithmssupporting both CPU and GPU technology in a dual  processor configuration.

As such, Kovalan demonstrated how APU would be a natural progression for implementing such a GPU Cloud.

Through its purelyGPU cloud based VoXcell Imaging Suite, KJAYA makes complete PACS, RIS, image archiving and communications functionalities, as well as a full range of advanced visualization toolsaccessible through a standard web browser.

With this advanced platform, medical facilities can manage all imaging workflow throughout the enterprise and beyond using robust industry-standard applications, leading-edge 3D processing, PET/CT analysis and more – all with on-demand anywhere, anytime Internet availability, with performance similar to an onsite PACS systems.

The system ensures that all healthcare providers and their patients have access to time-critical medical imaging information.

The VoXcell suite supports authenticated access, encrypted communication, data and access redundancy and unlimited storage for the highest level of data safety and security.

KJAYA's processes and facilities are audited to be HIPAA compliant to ensure patients' privacy.

VoXcell cloud-based advanced clinical viewing software has been cleared as a diagnostic device by the FDA.

The system is powered by proprietary and patent-pendingIntelligent Visualization®algorithms adapted to handle today’s increasing volumes of medical data.

Algorithms such as MapReduce, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks are particularly useful for processing searching, and understanding medical data.

These algorithms are extended by VoXcell  to take advantage GPU acceleration to deliver intuitive visualizations of medical images, including future applications in computer aided diagnosis, at real-time performance that physicians demand.

Unlike conventional cloud technology, which is based on relational database and storage systems, KJAYA's GPU cloud relies on Big Data clusters much like Google's Big Table.

The company’s application of this scalable architecture utilizing GPU cloud in medical imaging is unique in the PACS marketplace.

"Our platform can empower physicians with relevant information and intelligent visualizations accessible anywhere," says Kovalan.

"We have integrated workflow, imaging, 3D and artificial intelligence by harnessing the power of gaming technology based supercomputing cloud platform.

AMD's APU with GPU+CPU in a single  chip promotes our vision of providing ubiquitous and affordable access to KJAYA's innovations,ultimately to improve patient care."

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