You are in Press Releases Intelerad Releases New Analytics Solution and Announces IntelePACS 4.8.1

Intelerad Releases New Analytics Solution and Announces IntelePACS 4.8.1

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Denver Colorado and Montreal Canada2New version of IntelePACS will feature enhanced Image Fusion capabilities, new workflows in Multi-Method Reporting and new Technologist tools.

Denver, Colorado and Montreal, Canada – November 19, 2013 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, today announced the release of Intelerad® Analytics™ and unveiled new features in IntelePACS® 4.8.1 which include an updated Image Fusion module, new workflows in Multi-Method Reporting™ and new Technologist tools.

Intelerad Analytics

Intelerad Analytics provides radiology practices with a comprehensive view of operations through real-time performance metrics.

The solution provides business managers, chief radiologists and support staff with instant access to relevant information through tailored dashboards and reports, eliminating the need to manually compile and cross-analyze big data.

Available from any location, the module allows operational performance to be monitored at any time, allowing for sound decisions to be made and processes to be adjusted in timely fashion.

“By providing comprehensive data in regards to their business operations, radiology practices are more agile and can foster productivity and quality as well as make sure that they comply with their service level agreements,” said Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad.

“With better control over their performance, practices are better positioned to win new business.”

New in IntelePACS 4.8.1

IntelePACS 4.8.1 will include an updated Image Fusion module capable of simultaneous comparison of up to four PET/CT or PET/MR datasets; storage and retrieval of prior measurements; PET auto-segmentation for rapid determination of lesion volumes; and lesion tracking using RECIST and PERCIST criteria.

IntelePACS’ updated Multi-Method Reporting (MMR) module will offer a new dictation mode with flexible template creation allowing users to create and personalize dictation templates, self-edit and sign reports; a transcriptionist worklist with filters, parking options and quick text with keyword shortcuts; and enhanced ‘send-to-editor’ and ‘send-to-transcriptionist’ workflows.

IntelePACS’ new Technologist tools include a customizable worklist; alerts to view patient check-in times and assign technologists; patient history information; a single-view validation list; and a notes function to increase communications between technologists and radiologists.

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