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Radisphere Selects Intelerad as its Primary Diagnostic Viewer for Nationwide Network of Subspecialty

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Denver Colorado and Montreal CanadaDenver, Colorado and Montreal, Canada – November 7, 2013 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, today announced that Radisphere, the leading provider of standards-based radiology delivery solutions for health systems, has selected InteleViewer™ as its primary diagnostic viewer.

Radisphere is leveraging our industry-leading viewer, complete with streaming technology, to provide its subspecialty radiologists with rapid access to studies regardless of where they are located,” said Randall Oka, Intelerad’s President & CEO.

“This will improve their quality of reads, efficiency and turnaround times.”

With more than 100 clients in 28 states, Radisphere’s radiology enterprise management solutions enable health systems to leverage their internal delivery network to provide standards-based radiology across the enterprise.

By using InteleViewer to read data from a third-party PACS indexed by Intelerad, subspecialty radiologists across Radisphere’s nationwide network are provided instant access to patient history, priors for study comparisons and ordering information.

“We selected InteleViewer for its ability to quickly and efficiently move images around to our national network of radiologists,” said Radisphere CIO Jonathan Houk.

“For wide area transmission of images, we found that InteleViewer has the best streaming protocols, enabling our radiologists to provide best-in-class service to our health system clients.”

Recognized for providing a fast, high performance viewing across all modalities and bandwidths, InteleViewer™ excels in any viewing environment, PC or Mac, local or remote, through its smart streaming technology, which automatically streams images on-demand from the server, when not already cached to the workstation.

Intuitive, feature-rich and flexible, you can customize InteleViewer's functionality and layout display by individual, group, modality and reading location.

About Intelerad

Intelerad Medical Systems is a leader in distributed radiology, specializing in RIS, PACS and workflow solutions for healthcare organizations.

Intelerad solutions increase productivity and streamline workflow by overcoming technical barriers in distributed and complex environments.

Highly scalable, flexible and robust, Intelerad’s solutions offer high performance and industry leading customer service and support.

Intelerad solutions like KLAS category leader IntelePACS® and Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Innovation Award recipient InteleOne® are used in more than 1000 sites across North America, Oceania and the United Kingdom.

About Radisphere

Radisphere is a leading provider of cloud based services that enable standards-based radiology across health systems.

The company’s objective is to eliminate errors, waste and variation in diagnostic imaging.

Combining proprietary technology, knowledge, and services with unprecedented scale and transparency in the delivery model, Radisphere is proving every day that better radiology performance can improve patient care and bend the cost curve.

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