You are in Press Releases RamSoft Launches PowerServer Nube; Fully-hosted, Pay-Per-Study RIS/PACS for Latin America

RamSoft Launches PowerServer Nube; Fully-hosted, Pay-Per-Study RIS/PACS for Latin America

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servlet2(November 7, 2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada) RamSoft expands its product line by offering PowerServer Nube, a Spanish language, hosted platform RIS/PACS for Latin America.

PowerServer Nube will allow RamSoft to service markets in Latin America that have previously found RIS/PACS solutions to be cost prohibitive due to having to purchase multiple servers to run disparate software.

PowerServer Nube is a scalable solution that is perfect for imaging centers, radiology groups, and hospital imaging departments that are looking to achieve a fully digital environment and improve patient care without significant capital investment.

This new offering by RamSoft will allow hospitals and imaging centers to leverage the benefits of a fully hosted platform while reducing hardware and operational costs.

Cloud-based PowerServer Nube operates on a single database workflow engine, making it easier for facilities to train staff, while reducing costs on interfaces and hardware maintenance fees.

This solution automates day-to-day tasks and eliminates common end user mistakes.

It includes an intuitive patient scheduler, diagnostic viewer with embedded reporting and dictation tools, and physician portal so referring physicians may easily access patient reports and images.

It will also give imaging centers in remote regions the ability to connect to radiologists in larger cities for greater access to sub-specialty reads.

According to Marilyn Solano, director of sales and marketing for RamSoft, the inspiration for PowerServer Nube came from spending much of her childhood in El Salvador along her  extensive experience  gained from working in healthcare over 15 years.

She recalls access to the most advanced healthcare services in El Salvador was restricted to hospitals in larger cities.

Services in rural communities was much more limited and it sometimes required traveling great distances to obtain care as she personally experienced.

“It has been my goal to develop a solution that would deliver the most advanced cloud imaging technology to hospitals, imaging centers, but most importantly rural, underserved areas,” says Ms. Solano.

“I see a lot of open source products being pieced together when they could be using a full solution that doesn’t require unnecessary high maintenance which in the long run doesn’t allow facilities to grow or expand their services due to such complex infrastructure.”

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