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Siemens PET-CT Course in London Draws in Delegates from Across Europe

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cid BC4A5BD1A5CC4B55B2188A9E9795A075AlaaPCSIEMENS, UK, October 31, 2013 - A dedicated two-day course, designed to introduce and build knowledge of PET-CT technology and procedures, has been successfully completed by radiologists, physicists, and radiographers from the UK and Europe.

Supported by Siemens Healthcare and Lilly UK, the two day preceptorship held at Hammersmith Hospital’s Conference Center also included a half-day training session at Charing Cross Hospital, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The sessions offered comprehensive lectures by leading experts in PET-CT, intensive hands-on experience in interpreting PET-CT, and the opportunity to fully explore the role of PET-CT in diagnosis, staging and response to therapy.

During the course, clinical delegates had the opportunity to learn about the physics of PET-CT, radiopharmacy and the role of the technologist, plus learn more about the technology through a combination of lectures and practical interpretation sessions.

Topics in these streams included: PET-CT in Lymphoma, Lung Cancer, Respiratory Gating, Gynaecology, GI Malignancies including Ga-68 DOTATATE imaging, Non Oncology PET-CT, Infection and Inflammation, Neurology and Cardiac PET, novel applications and developments in PET-CT.

“We successfully held our fourth Imperial PET-CT course under the auspices of the EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) and with generous support from Siemens,” states Professor Adil Al-Nahhas, Chief of Service of Nuclear Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

Prof Al-Nahhas continues, “The course provided an intensive hands-on experience in interpreting PET-CT in Oncology using FDG and novel tracers such F-FLT, F-choline, and Ga-Dotatate for which this center has leading expertise.

It attracted 22 external delegates with seven international participants.

The feedback received was very encouraging, exceeding our expectations - the majority of delegates were satisfied with the organization of the course, felt the content was appropriate and beneficial to their clinical practice, and found the interactive sessions useful.

80% of participants rated the course as either ‘above average’ or ‘best ever yet’ compared to similar meetings”.

Lawrence Foulsham, Molecular Imaging Product Manager at Siemens Healthcare, states, “The Imperial PET-CT course is a demonstration of our dedication to the education of our customers and clinicians.

The structure of the sessions, combining the sharing of news with informative lectures and interactive hands-on experience, ensured that it was a beneficial learning experience for all of the delegates.”

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