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Smart PACS Products Help Meet High Meaningful Use Standards

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PACS-information-being-accessed-on-tablet-300x292MCKESSON, October 30, 2013 - The modern Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) playing field is rapidly evolving.

Meaningful Use has set high standards for technology vendors. By raising the bar, Meaningful Use demands that vendors hone and perfect PACS performance.

Here are some of the ways that current systems are meeting providers’ growing requirements.

Accelerating Integration

Successful PACS integrate with all other information systems. Radiology information systems (RIS) with workflow management software will track and manage patients, exams and charges, improving the administrative and clinical workflow of radiology departments.

To achieve efficiency, faster reporting is essential and faster reporting capabilities lead to quicker diagnoses and treatment.

When physicians are armed with complete data, the patient’s needs are met right at the point of care.

A streamlined enterprise imaging workflow leads to more efficient procedures and report turnaround, allowing patients and doctors to move to diagnosis and treatment with less delay.

Enhancing Accessibility of Images

Medical professionals see the immediate benefits of records when they are comprehensive and accessible anywhere within a system, easily transferable to other medical facilities and designed to red-flag threats to patient safety.

Accessibility of medical images is enhanced with the advent of web-based solutions.

Cloud-based imaging enables professionals in different locations to analyze and discuss images without ever having to leave their computers.

Physicians and radiologists with the ability to share and organize medical images and reference case information in the cloud, gain more time to spend with patients.

Promoting Collaboration

With the evolution of healthcare collaboration as a critical element of quality patient care, enterprise imaging enables image data sharing between disparate healthcare enterprises or systems.

Radiology collaboration tools enable radiologists and referring physicians to effectively communicate via a variety of technologies, including voice, voicemail, instant messaging and email.

All members of the patient care team can collaborate in a timely manner, making it faster to receive information, improving the quality of clinical care.

At McKesson, we understand the challenges you face every day – more information, fewer resources, increasing patient care demands and ever-changing technology.

We understand that better business health leads to better patient care – with cost-effective architecture and technology that scales to meet the size and complexity of your enterprise.

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