You are in Press Releases Gamma Medica Opens New Corporate Headquarters and LumaGEM Manufacturing Facility

Gamma Medica Opens New Corporate Headquarters and LumaGEM Manufacturing Facility

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Gamma Medica Opens New Corporate Headquarters and LumaGEM Manufacturing FacilityAnnounces Stepped Up Efforts for Product Commercialization and Sales

SALEM, NH, October 24, 2013 -- Gamma Medica, Inc., developer and marketer of the  LumaGEM® molecular breast imaging (MBI) system, announces new world headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Salem, NH, supporting expanded commercialization of its flagship LumaGEM system and LumaGUIDE® MBI-guided biopsy module.

Last summer, Gamma Medica closed on a $16 million Series A financing round from healthcare investment firm Psilos Group Managers, helping to fund the product design, engineering and manufacturing plant as well as an upcoming expansion of the corporate staff in the new facility. 

“This year, we plan to expand product production and launch several additional post-market LumaGEM clinical studies,” says Gamma Medica president and CEO Jim Calandra.

“In addition, Gamma Medica will hire about 40 new employees to support its projected growth.”

LumaGEM is an advanced, high-resolution imaging system optimized to detect tumors as small as five millimeters in women with difficult-to-image breasts, particularly mammographically dense breasts.

Patients whose mammograms are inconclusive may achieve more precise results with simple, safe and comfortable non-invasive MBI testing.

The exam is about one-third of the cost of an MRI, which typically is used for further analysis of dense breasts.

Approximately 40% of women have dense breast  tissue which makes mammography screening unlikely to identify early-stage cancers.

About Gamma Medica, Inc.

Gamma Medica, Inc. is dedicated to the development of advanced digital imaging technologies that address the growing importance of overcoming the critical shortcomings of mammography and other screening modalities in the early detection of breast cancer.

The company designs, builds and services the LumaGEM® MBI system, the first commercially available, FDA-cleared planar, dual head, fully solid-state digital imaging system utilizing cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) technology for molecular breast imaging.

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