You are in Press Releases The Aquilion ONE CT System Reduces Diagnosis Time and Shows the Whole Organ

The Aquilion ONE CT System Reduces Diagnosis Time and Shows the Whole Organ

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ct2USA, August 25, 2013 - Dr. William W. Orrison, Chief of Neuroradiology, at Nevada Imaging Centers, calls his new Aquilion ONE volume CT System “Amazing,” a scientific breakthrough in medical imaging.

Las Vegans can be proud to have one of the few Aquilion ONE CT Systems in the United States.

Dr. Orrison explained, “One of the biggest advances of this technology is that we can image an entire organ with one turn of this machine.

For the first time in medical imaging, Toshiba Aquilion ONE enables us to see the entire heart in a 0.35-second scan, less than a heart beat, and show how the heart is moving like a video.

A neurological scan of the brain provides arterial, venous and whole brain perfusion at one time and takes less than a second for the entire rotation.

These enables neuroradiologists to more accurately diagnose and treat diseases of the brain.

This equipment performs scans of our organ systems were never able to do and never dreamed of before.”

We can scan moving joints, watch a foot move, wiggle it and track the movement.

The radiologist can even watch the blood flow to the brain; see the perfusion in the brain and in any part of the body.

Children can be scanned effectively as well and even if they move during the scan, it will be still accurate.

The coverage area along the patient’s body is five times more than any other CT (sometimes called CAT or CTA) scanner.

This CT scan has the ability to lessen the diagnosis time of stroke, heart conditions, cancer and other life-threatening diseases from hours and days to just minutes.

Even though this scan is so fast, the doctor does not miss any data.

“For our patients, detecting disease at its earliest stages is critical and can have significant positive impacts on their quality of life.

The Aquilion ONE’s single exam provides doctors with enough data to replace various duplicative tests and invasive procedures.”

Usually it has been more difficult to get the vessels still enough so we can see inside while the heart is moving during all the other CT scans.

Now radiologists can do it all at once, look inside the vessels for disease in 0.35 seconds and have 32 pictures in one second.

The huge advantage of this CT scan is less risk and radiation to the patient, and doctors receive more information in less time.

The Aquilion ONE CT scan performs diagnostic tests for coronary artery disease.

The radiologist can see the plaque constricting the flow of blood to the muscle which may cause a heart attack.

Patients can be treated with preventive therapies to open these strictures.

In comparison, the traditional Cardiac catheterization procedure involves running a tube into the artery starting in the leg and moving it up to feed a catheter to view the heart.

The Aquilion ONE CT, on the other hand involves the patient undergoing a scan.

It is less invasive and less risky than traditional cardiac catheterization.

The X-ray or detector rotates once around the patient’s heart capturing all the data using 320 millimeter slices at one time.

CT technology has advanced from 4-, 8-, 16-, 32- and most recently, to a 64-slice system.

The 3-D rapid prototyping prints an object with hundreds of layers two-dimensionally until it becomes a three-dimensional object.

Dr. Orrison advises the public, “Our Aquilion CT scan’s greatest impact is in the prevention of diseases.

Now we can screen people who are at-risk for heart attacks, stroke, colon cancer, and almost any type of disease.

We want every patient to have a doctor we can work with in case we find some signs of a medical problem.

Our office can refer patients to doctors throughout all areas of Las Vegas.

As long as your doctor agrees that you need the study and will work with the results.

We want to help raise the quality of health care of every one.”

Las Vegas has some of the most advanced imaging diagnostic technology.

The Aquilion ONE CT performs multiple studies, which may replace studies conducted on several different systems, reducing the number of tests and time for patients.

This scan has the capacity to show blockage, as well as the whole organ and surrounding blood flow are functioning.

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