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ClearCanvas Integrates Automatic Alignment Technology Into PACS System

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imagesPACSToronto, Canada – July 30, 2013ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company, today announced that it has successfully integrated productivity software from Blackford Analysis, into its Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and workstation.

The Blackford software suite uses cutting-edge algorithms to allow instant alignment of current and prior cross-sectional exams, including those from different modalities such as CT, MRI and PET.

These navigational tools provide radiologists with a time-saving of up to 50% on every read, leaving more time for comparison and allowing production of better reports more quickly.

For ClearCanvas, a single Blackford engineer produced a working prototype within just five days and less than a month later had delivered a fully productized integration.

The completed solution is seamlessly integrated into ClearCanvas’s PACS system and works in conjunction with the system’s existing functionality.

“We are delighted with the ease and speed with which Blackford was able to deliver this incredibly useful product enhancement,” said Clinton Chau, CEO, ClearCanvas.

“Thanks to Blackford’s excellent engineering support, no additional effort from ClearCanvas technical staff was required, and everything works from our existing interface – it just automatically aligns scans for the user, saving a lot of time and effort every time they do a comparison.”

The system is due to be deployed in its first hospital setting within the next few weeks and radiologist feedback gathered to date has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We had a 100% endorsement from radiologists visiting our stand and trying the prototype system at tradeshows,” added Chau.

“This integration demonstrates exactly what the ClearCanvas platform is intended for – saving time and resources by enabling quick and easy building and integration of specialized tools without worrying about building the PACS to host them.”

In a typical PACS environment, a radiologist will spend a significant portion of their reading-time navigating between cross-sectional examinations.

This will usually involve several mouse clicks and scrolling manually through hundreds or thousands of slices to find the same location to compare.

Blackford’s tool can enhance any PACS system to allow the radiologist to instantly find the same location on multiple scans from different times and/or different modalities (e.g. CT with MRI), all with a single click.

“We are delighted to have quickly delivered a production level solution in a commercial PACS system from ClearCanvas,” said Ben Panter, CEO, Blackford Analysis.

“We know that our PACS-enhancing software can have a very positive impact on saving radiologists’ time and we will soon be showing some compelling data that shows a significant improvement for lung nodule studies.”

About Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis is a developer of software solutions for the radiology sector.

The company’s lead product is a software tool designed to accelerate routine radiology – saving time and increasing radiologist capacity.

Founded in 2010, and with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States, Blackford Analysis is backed by Archangel Informal Investment, one of the UK’s leading business angel syndicates.

ClearCanvas is a worldwide provider of innovative imaging infrastructure solutions.

ClearCanvas solutions include diagnostic workstations, PACS, and RIS integrated with a variety of advanced partner applications that support specific workflows.

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