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cid DF78987F82524E5399B23BC959BA1CB9AlaaPCSIEMENS, UK, July 24, 2013 - Addenbrooke’s Hospital, part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has recently installed a ceiling-mounted Artis zeeTM from Siemens Healthcare into its Interventional Radiology Suite.

The installation follows the hospital’s recent designation as a major trauma center for the East of England and will enable the site to expand available services, providing a fast response to trauma cases.

The system was acquired via a lease agreement from Siemens Financial Services through independent verification channels which confirmed it as providing the most value for the Trust.

Along with use for identifying trauma embolisations, the Artis zee is also being used for short interventional cases to ease pressure on other departments.

Radiologists at Addenbrooke’s Hospital have already commented on the system’s user-friendly interface and low dose functionality.

Its CARE features (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) and CLEAR post processing technology, delivered as standard on Artis zee systems, ensures optimum image quality at the lowest possible dose.

The system is well-suited to interventional procedures, featuring high contrast resolution to improve accuracy during image-guided procedures.

The flexible rotating C-arm and flat detector enables easy patient access and full-body coverage.

The flat detector can also be used in the landscape or portrait orientation and rotated during the procedure, enabling different examinations to be carried out quickly and easily.

“The ceiling-mounted Artis zee from Siemens Healthcare is a great addition to support our designation as a major trauma center,” states Helen Moss, Lead Radiographer at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

“The system has eased pressure on the hospital by giving us the ability to provide interventional imaging within fast timescales.”

“This latest ceiling-mounted Artis zee joins a number of other Siemens Healthcare imaging systems throughout Addenbrooke’s Hospital, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the installation of innovative systems that expand diagnostic confidence and patient services,” states Graham Walker, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“It is great to hear that the Artis zee has already delivered the benefits of easing workload pressures and expanding major trauma services.” 

Chris Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Siemens Financial Services adds, “Addenbrooke’s Hospital chose both the Artis zee and the lease through independent verification channels that cited they both represented value for the Trust.

Asset finance makes acquiring the latest medical technologies affordable, allowing hospitals to upgrade systems at the same pace at which technology is developing.

In turn, this ensures the hospital can maintain the highest standard of care to its patients.”

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