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cid E6387131868948E09086056E0757CE24AlaaPCThe Montefiore Hospital in Brighton, part of the Spire Healthcare group, has installed a MAGNETOM® Aera MRI scanner and SOMATOM® Definition AS CT system from Siemens Healthcare.

The installations follow the recent opening of the hospital at the end of 2012 and enable the provision of musculoskeletal and oncology imaging services to patients.

The imaging systems support the hospital’s ambitions for extended cardiac imaging capabilities.

The MAGNETOM Aera MRI scanner offers a 70cm wide bore and short design, providing patient comfort and enhanced workflow.

Combining Tim 4G (Total imaging matrix) and Dot™ (Day optimising throughput) technology, the system provides high resolution imaging and flexibility with up to 48 channels and lightweight coils to ensure exam strategies are personalised for every user, based on patient condition and clinical indication which it is hoped will offer a superior service.

The Aera’s syngo® BLADE application used by clinicians at The Montefiore Hospital aims to reduce sensitivity to movement and sedation rates in claustrophobic and anxious patients.

The SOMATOM Definition AS CT system provides fast and accurate diagnosis and is suitable for routine diagnostic work as well as complex examinations including oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiac imaging.

The system also offers applications and functionality to help ensure the right dose is received by patients with the use of Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE).

The Definition AS uses Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) to enable clinicians to undertake time-consuming and complex procedures rapidly.

“As a new private hospital we had a blank canvas to select the appropriate MRI and CT systems that best suited our patients.

The MAGNETOM Aera and SOMATOM Definition AS systems from Siemens Healthcare fit the bill for our newly established musculoskeletal and oncology services and will also help us future-proof our planned expanded capacity for cardiac imaging,” states Jo Bond, Diagnostic Imaging Manager at The Montefiore Hospital.

“Our radiologists have praised the high image quality of the systems, with the Aera’s output being compared by some to those of a 3T system.”

Siemens is proud to facilitate imaging at The Montefiore Hospital’s new facilities with the installations of the MAGNETOM Aera and SOMATOM Definition AS,” states Vince Golledge, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“Both systems offer high imaging standards to clinicians, as well as an array of functions that ensure procedures are streamlined to improve both patient comfort and departmental workflow.”

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