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X-ray and Interventional Imaging Systems to Increase Throughput at James Cook

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Siemens Healthcare - Multipurpose Artis zee HRThe James Cook University Hospital, part of South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has ordered an Artis zeeTM Multi-purpose (MP) interventional imaging system and three Ysio Digital X-ray systems from Siemens Healthcare.

The new systems were selected as part of an equipment replacement programme for three Digital Radiography (DR) rooms and a fluoroscopy room.

It is hoped the systems will facilitate an efficient, fast throughput of patients, combined with excellent image quality, reliability and ease of use.

The Artis zee MP will be used for all fluoroscopic procedures including barium examinations, sialography, proctograms, urodynamics and a range of interventional procedures including colonic stenting.

It will also be used to support James Cook’s vascular room when additional capacity is required.

The Artis zee Multi-purpose system provides fast image acquisition, flexibility and advanced post-processing via a range of clinical applications including DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) functionality for enhanced workflow.

The department is also looking forward to making use of the system’s dose-saving applications that are delivered as standard with the Artis zee systems, including CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) and CLEAR (advanced image post-processing).

Two of the Ysio X-ray systems will be used in the A&E X-ray department providing vital support to the major trauma centre for general frontline imaging procedures and a significant amount of emergency trolley-based work.

The third Ysio is planned for use in an inpatient room to provide a full range of examinations as well as spinal imaging for scoliosis patients and orthopaedic support.

The Ysio is a complete integrated solution incorporating a wireless detector to undertake all examinations on the table, or can be removed from the bucky to be placed underneath, or next to the patient eliminating the need for CR.

The system assists with a reduction in patient examination times and increased daily throughput with over 1,000 pre-set anatomical auto-positioning programmes to speed up processing times.

“We selected the Artis zee MP due to its flexibility and array of automated functions.

The pre-installation applications package is excellent and the system is easy to use with an intuitive interface that will require minimal staff training,” states Elaine McNulty, Clinical Manager Radiology at The James Cook University Hospital.

“The CARE features offer dose reduction for the operator and patients, in addition to speedier positioning without screening.

The combination of both the table and C-arm positioning will be a great advantage, reducing the need to move patients.

The system’s retrospective review features will also allow us to provide instantaneous review of procedures.”

“The new interventional imaging and X-ray systems mark an exciting time for radiology at James Cook, as it continues to move from Computed Radiography to Digital Radiography,” states Neil Lincoln, Northern Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“In addition to providing excellent image quality, ease of use and reliable technology for clinicians, the systems will benefit patients.

The Artis zee will help improve comfort and dignity for patients undergoing proctogram procedures while the Ysio X-ray systems will lead to faster, more convenient imaging for the radiographers and patients.”

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