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Novarad and Dell Debut MARZ Vendor Neutral Archive at HiMSS

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American Fork, Utah - March 4, 2013 – Novarad and Dell have partnered to create MARZ, a vendor neutral archive (VNA) to store and manage patient data for compliance to simplify search and retrieval of data for all healthcare providers from any computer.

MARZ combines Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) for on-premise or in the cloud data storage and management combined with Novarad’s zero footprint viewer, iPad viewer or optional clinical viewer for anytime, anywhere image and report access. Novarad is the first PACS company to partner with Dell to create a VNA solution.PACS-Hospitals

With MARZ, medical imaging data objects that adhere to standards-based IHE (integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) protocols of DICOM and non-DICOM file formats can be easily shared, exchanged and managed.

Differentiators of MARZ and other available VNAs:

Migration: a one-time-per-study fee paid only as current studies enter the VNA. Unlimited and free access to studies once they are stored in the VNA.

Archive: on-premise short-term archive or cloud-based long-term archive available.

Risk free pricing: Facility pays for only hardware and set-up and configuration fees.

Zero footprint, iPad and clinical viewer options.

MARZ’ open-standards format (XDS/XDSI protocol) makes it possible for facilities bring data together from disparate silos and stores it in a non-proprietary format enabling data and images to be shared in a Hospital Information Exchange (HIE) to create a complete picture of the patient.

“With the move towards collaborative care models, the need for vendor neutral, unified patient data is greater than ever,” said Paul Shumway, Novarad senior vice president. “Now, with MARZ VNA, medical facilities can avoid the costs, workflow disruptions and overall hassles of migrating medical data from vendor to vendor.”

MARZ is being demoed at HiMSS this week at the MARZ booth #663.

About Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive (UCA)

Dell’s UCA is the industry’s largest vendor-neutral hybrid cloud for medical imaging storing 2.5 new million studies per month and a total of 78 million clinical studies and 5.4 billion diagnostic images.

About Novarad

With more than 850 installations worldwide, Novarad is the healthcare community's trusted provider of radiology technologies. Novarad's full diagnostic suite of PACS, RIS, cardiology, orthopedic and mammography systems increase radiology efficiency and deliver unmatched value. Novarad products are consistently top rated, are easy to use and come with lifetime upgrades and the best support in the business. Images and reports are available anytime, anywhere via the full diagnostic viewer, iPad or any mobile device with web access. Novarad has been ISO certified since 2006 and holds FDA 510(k) certification.

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