You are in Press Releases Medical Insight and Mach 7 Technologies Align for Enhanced Enterprise Imaging Viewing and Management

Medical Insight and Mach 7 Technologies Align for Enhanced Enterprise Imaging Viewing and Management

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Burlington, VT – February 28 2012 – A new partnership in the healthcare technology industry brings award-winning imaging workflow capabilities together with advanced diagnostic viewing. Mach 7 Technologies, a provider of enterprise clinical imaging management solutions, has partnered with Medical Insight, enabling clinicians to launch images from Keystone Suite using the EasyViz Enterprise Web imaging viewer.

Mach7’s flagship solution, Keystone Suite, empowers healthcare enterprises worldwide to own, share, and access all medical imaging data, regardless of source or specialty. The sophisticated Enterprise Clinical Imaging Platform (ECIP), was designed to manage all aspects of a patient’s continuum of care. Clinicians can utilize the platform for vendor neutral archiving, intelligent routing and prefetching of relevant images, mobile imaging and more with complete image management.

In collaboration with the Medical Insight, the joint solution provides customers the flexibility to view medical images on the EasyViz diagnostic, enterprise image viewer while maintaining the imaging data and workflow through Keystone Suite.

EasyViz is a zero-footprint, web deployable enterprise image viewer that delivers images and results as a desktop solution or as the image viewer integrated within a workflow solution or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. EasyViz can deliver patient image data throughout the enterprise with uncompromised image quality and a full suite of clinical functions.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Mach7 Technologies and integrate EasyViz - the most versatile diagnostic viewer on the market - with Keystone Suite,” notes Mike Hamacher, Vice President, General Manager at Medical Insight USA.” Keystone Suite is a best in class enterprise clinical image management solution with leading edge vendor neutral archive and workflow technologies that, in combination with EasyViz, offer improved clinical efficiencies and better patient outcomes.”

“Mach 7 Technologies is excited to provide enterprise image management integrated with a sophisticated diagnostic viewer,” says John Memarian, General Manager, Sales & Global Marketing for Mach7. “The joint solution provides great opportunities for clients here in the US and abroad.”

About Mach 7 Technologies

Mach 7 Technologies is a global provider of innovative, flexible, enterprise clinical image management solutions that enable healthcare enterprises to own, share, and access medical image data.

About Medical Insight

Medical Insight A/S is an innovative software company, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a technology that revolutionizes clinical image distribution. Today, the EasyViz system is used in leading hospitals across North America and Europe to add complete mobility for healthcare images.

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