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Resonance Technology Debuts iPod Support, Stunning New Video Images and More at RSNA 2011

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Digital radiography news November 2, 2011—Resonance Technology Company, Inc. (Northridge, Ca.), an innovator in high-performance MRI-compatible technology, debuts at RSNA 2011 an array of enhancements to its advanced CinemaVision MRI video entertainment system and functional MRI (fMRI) product line.

Debuting at RSNA is support for today’s popular iPod and other portable music devices. Now, patients can bring in their favorite songs on any portable digital device, plug it into the CinemaVision docking station and escape into a world of personalized, relaxing entertainment during an MRI scan.

Also this year, Resonance Technology Company further improves funcLAB, its turn-key fMRI solution. funcLAB brings together brain activation capabilities including sensory-motor, visual, auditory, language, and memory tasks and automated fMRI processing together in a simple to operate package. This turn-key fMRI solution is delivered in a small form-factor PC to fit even the tightest MR work space, yet sports powerful multi-core and advanced GPU graphics performance to meet complex 3D presentations. The latest edition provides NIH supported AFNI ( fMRI analytics and brain activation tasks recommended by the American Society of Functional Neuroradiology (ASFNR).

About Resonance Technology Company, Inc.

For over years, Resonance Technology Company, Inc. has been the recognized leader in cutting-edge MRI-compatible audio-video systems.  The company was founded in 1988 by Mokhtar Ziarati, an electrical engineer specializing in CT and MRI, with the goal of eliminating the claustrophobia and discomfort patients often experience during MRI procedures.  At the same time, the company was focused on helping leading clinicians make the most of their cutting-edge MRI technology.

In 1990, with its ground-breaking MRI television, Resonance Technology was among the first to overcome the challenges of developing a color television technology compatible with powerful magnetic MRI fields.  Resonance Technology holds a full range of patents for its product line and continues to expand functionality and features every year.   
With a full line of MRI-compatible devices, Resonance Technology is also a leader in the design and manufacture of visual, auditory and patient-response devices for functional brain mapping applications.  These complement its growing line of clinical virtual reality audio-video and audio-only devices. Today, Resonance Technology remains dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of state-of-the-art products that help MRI reach its full potential in both clinical and research settings, while offering the highest return on investment.

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