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PCI Nuclear Pharmacy to Install UltraSPECT Dose NM/PET Reduction Systems at Nuclear Imaging Sites

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Digital radiography news UPPI Nuclear Pharmacy Consortium Successfully Rolls Out UltraSPECT WBR Distribution Agreement

Phoenix, AZ, August 23, 2011— UltraSPECT of Haifa, Israel announces the sale of more than 10 Wide Beam Reconstruction (WBR) software solutions to nuclear pharmaceutical supplier PCI for placement at customer medical facilities throughout Arizona. PCI is a member of United Pharmacy Partners, Inc. (UPPI), a nuclear pharmacy network consortium that recently signed a multi-year distribution agreement for the leasing and/or non-exclusive sales of UltraSPECT’s Cardiac and Bone imaging applications in the US.

WBR™ is an innovative technology addressing today’s concern about patient radiation exposure. It enhances the performance of Gamma Cameras and PET scanners to enable a 50 % reduction in injected dose and/or imaging procedure time with no decrease in image quality/while enhancing image resolution.

"Concerns over radiation exposure to our patients led us to look for cost effective solutions for our customers. The UPPI-UltraSPECT multi-year distribution agreement for exclusive leasing of UltraSPECT's solution came at just the right time,” said Ridge Smidt, Pharm D., owner of PCI Nuclear Pharmacy. “UltraSPECT’s advanced nuclear medicine imaging technology enables our customers to improve patient safety and enjoy higher efficiency, as well as maintain steady patient throughput with optimum image quality."

WBR’s lower dose requirements offer the benefits of minimizing radiation exposure for both patients and technologists, while abbreviated acquisition times reduce the possibility of patient motion artifacts and enhance patient throughput and comfort. Higher image resolution provides greater lesion localization, raising diagnostic confidence and precision. For many WBR users, the result is enhanced equipment utilization, revenues, patient satisfaction and referrals.

Enhanced UltraSPECT’s WBR™ can either cut 50% of standard radiopharmaceutical dose requirements or reduce imaging scan time to a quarter, while maintaining full image quality. The most recent WBR application allows both reduction in dose and scan time. This technology can be utilized with most major manufacturers’ NM and PET systems, as well as all clinical software packages.

Tri-City Cardiology Consultants of Mesa, Arizona recently acquired the technology through PCI. Commenting on its recent WBR installation, Michelle Smudde, office manager at the cardiology group said, "WBR technology has been easily accepted by our physicians and technologists. The implementation of the software among our fellow practices went pretty quickly."

PCI Pharmacy’s Smidt adds, “The Tri City WBR installation demonstrates the power of WBR in reducing patient radiation exposure without sacrificing image quality and diagnostic accuracy. If all our nuclear medicine customers were to adopt the technology and incorporate WBR into their general practice, everyone involved would benefit - patients, physicians, technologists, pharmacies and pharmacy staff.”

About UltraSPECT:

UltraSPECT Inc. is a leading provider of image reconstruction products, dedicated to enhancing the performance of existing nuclear medicine gamma cameras and PET scanners. Based on proprietary, innovative reconstruction algorithms, UltraSPECT’s Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBR™) solutions shorten acquisition times, lower radiation dose and increases image resolution. Xpress.Cardiac™ enables rest/stress study acquisition with either half the radiopharmaceutical dose or half the scan time, compared to conventional acquisition techniques. Xpress3.Cardiac™ offers simultaneous reduced-dose and reduced-time imaging, supporting increased patient safety and comfort. For more information visit:  or contact:  UltraSPECT Inc. at 1-888- WBR-SCAN (1-888-927-7226).

About PCI Nuclear Pharmacy:

PCI Nuclear Pharmacy is a privately owned leading provider of unit dose radiopharmaceuticals, custom compounding and ancillary products used in nuclear medicine. The parent company, Arizona Home Care has been operating since 1996. The radiopharmacy was started in 2007. The combination of a nuclear pharmacy, infusion pharmacy and home care services, is designed to comprehensively fit the needs of Arizona's patients and their health care providers.  The pharmacy professionals provide the expertise necessary to offer these pharmaceutical specialties to a very active and patient-oriented community in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. For more information, visit

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