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UltraSPECT Signs Exclusive, Multi-Year Agreement with UPPI for Leasing Sales of the WBR Product Line

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Digital radiography news UPPI to Offer UltraSPECT’s Advanced NM Imaging Technology for Dose Reduction, Abbreviated Scan Times and Enhanced Resolution

Auburndale, MA, May 26, 2011—UltraSPECT, a leading provider of nuclear medicine (NM) image reconstruction technology that reduces radiopharmaceutical dose and acquisition time, announces a multi-year distribution agreement with nuclear pharmacy network UPPI LLC for exclusive leasing and/or non-exclusive sale of UltraSPECT's cardiac and bone imaging applications in the US.

Ushering molecular imaging into a new age of precision and efficiency, UltraSPECT’s growing product line utilizes the company’s innovative Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBR™) technology to enhance the performance of gamma cameras and PET scanners. The technology will cut either standard radiopharmaceutical dose requirements or imaging procedure time in half with no decrease in image quality, while enhancing image resolution. In some cases, exams can be performed in as little as a quarter of the standard procedure time. Additionally, advanced new UltraSPECT applications support a 50 percent reduction in both dose and procedure time.

UltraSPECT WBR’s lower dose requirements offer the benefit of minimizing radiation exposure for both patients and technologists, while abbreviated acquisition times reduce the possibility of patient motion artifacts and enhance patient throughput and comfort. Higher image resolution provides greater lesion localization, raising diagnostic confidence and precision. For many WBR users the result is enhanced equipment utilization, revenues and patient satisfaction and referrals.

UltraSPECT’s groundbreaking WBR product line is compatible with most major manufacturers’ NM and PET systems as well as all clinical software packages. The technology is a far more cost effective dose reduction alternative to today’s new low-dose SPECT cameras with multiple focused detectors. WBR’s half-dose, half-time and quarter-time capabilities are already successfully utilized in hundreds locations throughout the U.S. and Europe.

"UPPI has been searching for different ways to stretch the limited technetium supplies during shortages and extend the solutions provided by our independently owned radiopharmacies to their Nuclear Medicine customers. Our partnership with UltraSPECT will allow our members to lease a cost effective solution to their customers, enabling them to achieve improved patient safety, higher efficiency, and maintain steady patient throughput during radiopharmaceutical shortages with the optimum image quality." said Perry Polsinelli, President and CEO of UPPI LLC.

About UPPI:

UPPI is a leader in traditional nuclear medicine and in the rapidly growing nuclear and PET pharmacy industries. Representing more than 150 operating sites across the country, UPPI provides its members national strength in buying relationships as well as access to customizable local programs that advance the professionalism of the industry. UPPI and its network of nuclear pharmacies provide the national coverage needed to service large GPOs while maintaining the ability to offer local facilities the flexible options often required at the local level.  UPPI members have access to the full scope of high quality radiopharmaceutical products for diagnostic and therapeutic uses and are able to provide the highest level of patient specific cost effective healthcare.  For more information, visit:

About UltraSPECT:

UltraSPECT Inc. is a leading provider of image reconstruction products dedicated to enhancing the performance of existing nuclear medicine gamma cameras and PET scanners. Based on proprietary, innovative reconstruction algorithms, UltraSPECT’s Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBR™) solutions shorten acquisition times, lower radiation dose, and increase image resolution. Xpress.Cardiac™ enables rest/stress study acquisition with either half the radiopharmaceutical dose or in half the scan time compared to conventional acquisition techniques. Xpress3.Cardiac™ offers simultaneous reduced-dose and reduced-time imaging, supporting increased patient safety and comfort. For more information visit:  or contact:  UltraSPECT Inc. at 1-888-WBR-SCAN (1-888-927-7226).

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