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American Fork, Utah – May 17, 2011 – Radiology Associates of Canton in Canton, Ohio recently installed NovaRad’s NovaPRO RIS/PACS for radiologist groups to simplify the receipt of images, reading, dictation and reporting for the nine hospitals, medical offices and clinics it serves.

The physician owned and operated radiology group has streamlined its processes with the new system as image retrieval is provided without the necessity to store or maintain the image files. Received images are scrubbed from the archive when the storage limit, pre-determined by the interpreting physician, is reached.

NovaPRO is available either as an installed system or Software as a Solution (SaaS). “With input from radiologist groups, we created this specialized RIS/PACS to fit the functional and fiscal needs of interpreting services that read for numerous imaging producing practices,” said Paul Shumway, senior vice president, Novarad Corporation. “The feedback we have received from radiologist groups is exactly what we were hoping for – it performs all the functions they need and is helping them to access images more quickly, seamlessly and with less hassle.”

About Novarad

For more than a decade, Novarad, www.novarad.net, has filled the niche of providing a full range of affordable PACS, RIS, orthopedic, cardio and mammography systems, DR and peripherals to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. The privately owned company based in American Fork, Utah currently has installations of its product at more than 720 sites worldwide. Novarad offers a subscription-pricing model that combines the department's image load with the number of radiology workstations required to determine low up-front fee with a fixed recurring monthly fee.

For more information please contact:

Paul Shumway, Novarad Corporation, pauls@novarad.net, 877-668-2723
Stephanie Miller, Novarad public relations,smiller@ppbh.com, 801-487-4800 x141

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