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Future-proof and Flexible Breast Imaging Systems at Southend University Hospital

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Women's imaging news MAMMOMAT Inspirations with stereotactic biopsy capabilities now in place to streamline workflow

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has installed two MAMMOMAT Inspiration Full Field mammography" href="/tag/Digital-mammography.html">Digital mammography systems with Stereotactic Biopsy from Siemens Healthcare. The systems will help expand digital imaging capabilities and improve services in line with the Cancer Reform Strategy (CRS). The Inspirations will be used for symptomatic breast examinations and will streamline workflow by offering guidewire insertion and biopsy on the same unit.

The stereotactic biopsy system guides the operator intuitively through the entire procedure. The tube angulation is controlled directly from the workstation and after selecting the target, the needle-holder moves automatically to the right position. This reduces work steps and speeds up the procedure without compromising on diagnostic confidence.

"Having installed two MAMMOMAT Inspiration systems, we now have biopsy capabilities in all rooms, whereas previously this could only be done in one," said Kim Baird, Superintendent Radiographer at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. "Siemens Healthcare simplified the transition to the new digital technology and we immediately noticed the improvement in image quality over the previous analogue systems. The level of image detail has been particularly impressive in mammograms involving breast implants."

The systems are fully integrated to the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) ensuring that all digital images can be sent and received from centres outside of the Breast Unit. It is hoped the enhanced connectivity will also improve efficiency by eliminating the time lost retrieving and displaying film-based images.

"Clinical staff at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust now have access to the latest digital breast imaging equipment. The improved image quality and ease-of-use is likely to increase workflow efficiencies and reduce examination times," said Graham Walker, Regional Sales & Corporate Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare. "The MAMMOMAT Inspiration is also expandable for 3D tomosynthesis and thus paves the way for further enhanced diagnostic options in mammography when required."

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