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peerVue Debuts Enhanced Coding Issue Management for the QICS Workflow Platform

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Healthcare IT newsJanuary 25, 2011—Sarasota, FL—peerVue introduces to its Qualitative Intelligence & Communications System (QICS) an enhanced coding issue management capability, designed to streamline inter- and cross-department coding workflow to ensure that radiology departments fully capture appropriate imaging revenues.

Initiated by a coder or natural language processing software when a billing-related problem is recognized, QICS workflow automates the request for a radiology report addendum to clarify an exam or diagnosis. Common coding issues include reports with vague or absent clinical indications as well as improper descriptions of a test, protocol or other procedure. “In many hospitals, follow-up on coding-related information is an ad-hoc process, burdening numerous individuals in various administrative and clinical roles,” comments Kyle Lawton, CEO of peerVue. “The result is often sub-optimal revenue capture and inefficient use of department time.”

peerVue’s new QICS helps manage these processes by automatically notifying appropriate radiologists about a newly submitted coding issue through email, SMS, or pop-up window. If desired, the notification appears directly at the PACS workstation, enabling single click navigation to the flagged study. Coding issues not immediately addressed by the radiologist are queued on web-based worklists, where radiologists can click through to their PACS, amend the report as appropriate and note the issue closed within QICS. The amended report is then automatically transmitted to the coder involved. Real-time dashboards and management reports provide all the tools necessary to manage the overall process.

This workflow provides close-loop communications and enhanced visibility to all parties involved in the coding process, resulting in fewer missed charges and reduced manual efforts to track and follow-up on issues. Coding issue management is one of a complete range of important features that will come pre-configured in peerVue’s QICS, a revolutionary web-based platform that transforms existing healthcare data into qualitative intelligence. Using this intelligence, QICS helps to automate and manage a virtually unlimited range of radiology workflow, from critical results communication to emergency room discrepancy management. At the same time, the unique platform takes advantage of this information to support continuous departmental improvements and maximizing of revenue.

Integrating seamlessly with HIS, RIS and PACS solutions, QICS simplifies the IT environment by eliminating workarounds in existing systems and the need to purchase multiple niche solutions to address otherwise unmet functionalities beyond the scope of these applications.

About peerVue, Inc.

Since its inception in 2002, peerVue has been redefining the healthcare IT market with intelligent workflow and communication solutions that enable healthcare organizations to improve patient care and safety, while reducing risk and simplifying process. With a passion for technology and innovation, peerVue was established to solve critical workflow and communication gaps in healthcare that jeopardize patient safety and render imaging organizations inefficient. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, peerVue delivers solutions worldwide with dozens of integrations to leading healthcare imaging and IT across multiple specialties, including radiology, mammography, cardiology and pathology. Contact peerVue at 877.572.9505 or visit

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