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CSP Medical Store Releases New Product to Help MRI Patients Relax…

(HealthImagingHub Press Release) London, Canada, March 31, 2010 - CSP Medical releases a new product in its inventory. The Relax & View DVD Relaxation System is an innovative product that helps to relieve the claustrophobia, stress and boredom often associated with having an MRI scan. The system was designed and built by Wardray-Premise to provide a complete audio visual experience while having an MRI Scan. The Relax & View lets adults and children lie back, relax and watch their favorite DVD or pick something from the video library while having their MRI scan. “The Relax & View enables us to scan some children who would otherwise need sedation because of the distraction of being able to look at their own video means that they co-operate. It also helps the parents,” says Dr. Helen Carty, Professor of Paediatric Radiology and Royal Liverpool Children’s National Health Trust. The Relax & View will reduce MRI patient stress levels, which leads to: a relaxed and co-operative patient, less need for sedation which translates to cost savings, a reduction in lost scans due to claustrophobia and faster throughput of patients. The ultimate in MRI patient relaxation is now available for distribution in Canada and USA by CSP ... Read more

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