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E-learning is an integral component of any healthcarehealthcare educational program.  Aiming to promote medical imaging & IT education through e-learning platform, Health Imaging Hub has developed a place for those who want to learn the technology at their own pace.  Now you do not need to travel long distances to learn PACS, DICOM, HL7, EHR, RIS, Radiology procedures, health imaging technology, health informatics, e-health or other medical imaging courses.  With our interactive Online University, you can enjoy our free courses in diverse topics to get authentic education as a beginner or to enhance your expertise through the more detailed course structure.  
Online University is providing e-learning courses for the following three categories via;

We have joined hands with different educational institutes in this effort and will start providing credits for the successful candidates in our Online University Courses very soon. With our HealthcareHealthcare education for all”, we keep all these courses free for public.  Imaging Technology Courses are mainly prepared & delOTechd by OTech Imaging, a world leader in PACS & Medical Imaging Training.

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