FDA Approves 3MP X-ray Display for Mammography

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A 21.3-inch display with a brightness of 1,700 cd/m² and contrast of 1400:1 is tailored for all conventional X-ray applications and examinations of the thorax.

Furthermore, the display supports independent subpixel driving (ISD), which raises the resolution by three. 

“This is the reason for the mammography approval from the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA],” explained marketing manager, medical displays at Totoku, Marcel Herrmann.

With the new grayscale display MS35i2 , Totoku (Tokyo, Japan) extends his range of light-emitting diode (LED) products with a 3 megapixel (MP) display. The MS35i2 also comes with the new LED backlight. The heir of the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology is based on semiconductors. 

“The benefits are both ecological as well as financial and qualitative nature. Compared to CCFL monitors, LED displays, save up to 20% electricity and have a longer life span by approximately30%. This has a positive effect on the budget of the user. Furthermore, the CO2 emissions decrease due to reduced energy production. Specifically, the MS35i2 display will use 15% less power than its predecessor, at the same time almost doubles the lifetime, and disposal is much more environmentally friendly, since LEDs do not contain critical elements such as mercury,” commented Herrmann.fda approves 3mp mam

While the CCFL was positioned horizontally behind the display, the LED offers a considerably higher number of light sources. Because of this, they can be individually managed and controlled, resulting in an optimized consistency.

All new i2 models feature the new display port interface. This allows the user to connect not only to DVI signals or video cards, but also with the most recent display port cards from numerous vendors, for instance Matrox, ATI, and NVIDIA. 

Another advantage from display port is the enhanced greyscale duplication. For the very first time the display port offers true 10-bit grayscales on a color display and true 11-bit for the grayscale products.

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