eRAD Delivers Enhaned Mammography Module

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eRAD Delivers Upgraded Mammography Module

eRAD has recently announced the release of its new, enhanced, FDA approved mammography module with a full feature set for breast imaging and integration with eRAD PACS.

With this product, eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc, a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions, removes the need for a dedicated mammography workstation and provides considerable strives in effectiveness for radiologists.

“What should be a simple action, say, viewing calcifications on an ultrasound for comparison, should not require a separate workflow. We have it integrated. There is no need to switch to a different workstation, with a different monitors and layout, to call up another worklist in disparate system, and then try to find the patient and the related prior. All of that back-and-forth is a time, money, and resource drain that eRAD can eliminate,” said Senior VP of Sales for eRAD, Seth Koeppel.

“eRAD enables multiple modalities; CT, ultrasound, MRI, mammography, tomosynthesis, to be viewed side-by-side on the same workstation from anywhere, whether reading from the LAN or WAN. We enable radiologists to read and report out of the same system, and that solves cost and workflow issues,” he added.

eRAD technology is built to handle the storage capacity, archive costs, and distribution infrastructure necessary to support tomosynthesis, allowing imaging groups to provide this novel modality to patients and find early curable breast cancers.

With an eRAD solution, comparison studies, priors for that day's appointments, for example, can be pre-staged on a specific workstation for faster reads, even if those studies are archived in a third-party system.

Productivity gains are achieved not only by multi-modality reads from the same workstation but also with features designed specifically for breast imaging workflow, such as industry standard pre-set mammography layouts; mirrored image linking; anatomical grayscale inversion; tomo cine; and configurable keyboard, mouse, and keypad macros which enable users to further customize and replicate the behavior of a dedicated workstation. Skin-line detection enables users to auto-position a full resolution image according to anatomy or image area. Flexible custom layouts can be set to initialize together so users can toggle quickly between multiple views.

eRAD's Mammography Module also provides advanced diagnostic tools. Along with CAD support (with configurable archiving for CAD objects) and image manipulation tools, eRAD offers the optional AIE Image Enhancement Module to aid in visualizing and assessing subtleties in digital mammograms. Accuracy is much improved by AIE's sophisticated processing algorithms, which enhance the clearness of abnormalities in dense breast tissue.

Integrated mammography tracking is accessible and offers another uptick in effectiveness as well as a way of building and strengthening patient relationships.

"Every minute counts, that's the way we see it. We're an enterprise workflow engine, so we're focused on how to help radiologists read more, faster, from anywhere, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. The eRAD Mammography Module is another example of how we strive to automate the business and clinical workflow of medical imaging,” said Koeppel.

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