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VuComp Installs New Computer-Aided Detection System for Mammography at the Rose

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VuCOMP Inc. which is a corporation that designs, develops, and markets software systems for automatic analysis of medical images; recently announced that it has just installed an advanced M-Vu computer-aided detection (CAD) system at The Rose, which is a leading nonprofit breast health organization in southeast Texas.

This nonprofit organization offers advanced breast cancer screening and provides a wide range of diagnostic services such as mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and access to treatment to more than 33,000 women on a year by year basis. The organization is comprised of board certified radiologists, specialized technical staff, two mammography and diagnostic imaging centers, and an assortment of mobile mammography vans; all geared to meet and fulfill the needs of insured and uninsured women in Houston and surrounding areas. Since its inception in 1987, The Rose has served more than 385,000 patients, making it the leading nonprofit breast health care organization in southeast Texas.VuCOMP installs CAD at the Rose

VuCOMP’s CAD is designed to supply an unparalleled level of performance to aid radiologists in detecting breast cancer earlier. This new enhanced system allows The Rose to fulfill its promise on providing state of the art health care to women regardless of their current financial situation.

VuCOMP’s M-Vu system analyzes mammographic images and highlights suspicious areas using sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

“I’ve had experience with several CAD systems, and VuCOMP’s product is proving to be superior. Additionally, VuCOMP has shown itself to be invested in continual improvement, and has been receptive to suggestions from radiologists, which means better outcomes all around,” said lead interpreting physician at The Rose, Ward Parsons, MD, RT, RDMS.

"Our mission is to remove the barriers to cancer screening and provide quality health care for all women in the region. Our insistence on quality care includes physician and staff expertise and experience along with compassionate interactions with patients as well as the use of advanced technology. VuCOMP is a critical component that allows us to serve more women more quickly—and we can hopefully save more lives,” stated The Rose co-founder and CEO, Dorothy Weston Gibbons.

The VuCOMP system was granted FDA approval to work with film mammography in January 2012, and an additional approval for digital mammography in October 2012. While CAD systems have been utilized in clinical practice since the mid-1990s, recent FDA guidelines have considerably raised the standard for CAD performance requirements, and now recommend comprehensive reader studies proving that radiologists are more effective when they use CAD. The VuCOMP system is the only FDA-approved mammography CAD product in the world that meets these specific performance requirements.

“With The Rose’s emphasis on quality and excellence in the services it provides to all women, we are pleased that our technology was selected for their digital mammography practice. VuCOMP and The Rose share the same goal: to detect breast cancer earlier, which can lead to earlier intervention and better outcomes,” said President and CEO of VuCOMP, Jeff Wehnes.

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