Computer Aided Detection System Installed for Mammography

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VuCOMP, Inc. and the Mankato Clinic in Minnesota, U.S.A. recently announced the installation of a highly advanced computer aided detection system for mammography. The system, known as the M-Vu CAD, has been built to supply an unparalleled level of performance and execution in assisting radiologists locate and detect breast cancer at a much earlier stage.

The system captures and examines images from Mankato Clinic’s new Fujifilm Aspire HD Plus and IMS Giotto 3DL digital mammography machines. These two leading technologies combined, make Mankato’s Diagnostic Imaging Department a bonafide leader with unrivaled abilities and possibilities in breast cancer diagnosis.

VuCOMP’s CAD system analyzes mammographic images and marks areas of suspicion using sophisticated mathematical aided detection for mammography

“What I like most about VuCOMP’s CAD system is its sensitivity, and the specificity is actually very good to the point where we trust it more than the previous CAD system that we used,” said Mankato Clinic Diagnostic Radiologist Maureen Magut, M.D.

“I have found this to be very helpful, particularly in the evaluation of dense breasts. The system is also exceptional in identifying microcalcifications that I had not myself found. Another significant strength is that it picks up a lot more asymmetric densities than with our previous CAD system.”

In addition, Mammography Manager at Mankato Clinic, Glenda Beeck notes that the VuCOMP CAD system serves almost like a second radiologist, helping to locate and identify cancers that radiologists might not fully see upon first glance.

''The exceptional aspect of this technology, is that it increases diagnostic confidence while also reducing false positives. Areal breakthrough for CAD systems,” she said.

The VuCOMP CAD system was issued FDA approval for digital mammography in October 2012. Most recently implemented FDA guidelines have considerably altered CAD performance, setting a new standard for all systems to meet and follow, and now recommend all-inclusive studies have proven that radiologists are much more effective and efficient when they employ CAD technology.

“Dr. Magut’s experience with our product is further validation of what other users are saying. VuCOMP is working hard to significantly improve our CAD performance even more in the near future,” said President and CEO of VuCOMP, Jeff Wehnes.

VuCOMP, Inc. is a private company that designs, develops, and markets computer-aided detection systems (CAD) for automatic analysis of medical images. The employees of VuCOMP are dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of detection technology to help radiologists find disease at earlier stages and save lives. For more visit their webistie at

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