Priority Consult, MRS Team up to Provide Enhanced, Complementary Tracking for Breast-health Patient


women's imaging news Priority Consult, LLC, of Cincinnati and Mammography Reporting System (MRS), Inc., of Seattle have signed a business agreement that signals a new era in the tracking of breast-health patients from screening to survivorship. The combination of MRS’s robust patient communication package with Priority Consult’s advanced patient tracking system will positively impact the quality of breast-health patient tracking for facilities that utilize both systems.

The two companies recently completed a major overhaul of the software interface that connects MRS’s mammography reporting system to Priority Consult’s oncology patient navigation program, which is devoted to the tracking of cancer patient treatment and outcomes.  The new interface delivers more comprehensive patient information from MRS to Priority Consult, thereby improving the quality of breast-health patient tracking. The collaboration between Priority Consult and MRS offers MRS customers the most advanced patient navigation system available.

Priority Consult and MRS are a great operational fit for facilities that want to experience the truly best-of-breed solution in both navigation and breast imaging tracking and reporting,” said Mark P. Morris, CEO of MRS.  “Our clients have found that the best integration between vendors, like this integration between Priority Consult and MRS, increases facility reliability and efficiency.  This makes for improved satisfaction from patients, more effective and efficient staff, and improved bottom lines.”

Healthcare facilities using MRS and Priority Consult can now benefit from enhanced communication that supports improved management of patients following screening or diagnostic imaging. The volume of information sent from MRS to Priority Consult about a patient’s breast procedures has increased, giving the patient navigator using Priority Consult a clearer, more precise picture of a patient’s situation. This enhanced communication will allow for:

•    a more rapid review process;
•    an expedited treatment start;
•    more effective navigation;
•    lower risk of missed steps in patient care; and
•    improved patient care and outcomes.

The interface between MRS and Priority Consult was designed to provide medical professionals with the tools they need to ensure optimal patient care from their first screening through long-term survivorship. MRS supports patient tracking by collecting and storing extensive patient data such as family history, procedure history, risk factors, and patient demographics.

“The success of our clients is our first priority," said Paul Pugsley, Director of Oncology Services for Priority Consult. "With MRS and Priority Consult committed to working together to provide the best possible solutions for patient tracking, our clients have the tools they need to help ensure a positive patient experience. This translates into a wholly successful breast program - operationally and financially.”

About Mammography Reporting System (MRS)

Mammography Reporting System (MRS) is the most widely used tracking & reporting system in the world for all breast-related procedures, including mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, and nuclear imaging. MRS is a patient-oriented system that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in any workflow by offering features such as automated patient lay letters, problem case tracking, and statistical risk models that help optimize work-flows and contribute to quality patient care.  MRS’s success is based largely on an unparalleled patient communication package and accurate calculations of statistical reports. With over 25 years in business, MRS is constantly innovating and improving its products in order to better service the needs of customers and their facilities. For more information, visit or call 800-253-4827.

About Priority Consult

Priority Consult specializes in patient navigation and clinical tracking tools for both oncology centers and spine programs. Priority Consult focuses on nurse navigation workflows and protocols to assist navigators in data collection, operation and clinical data reporting and most importantly, patient workflow and tracking. For more information, visit or call 866-396-1445.


Adam Furukawa

Paul Pugsley