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NYU Langone Medical Center Offers Same-day Mammography Results

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Mammography news NYU Langone medical center in New York has recently started offering a new mammography service. Patients can now have the results of their scans on the same day. This service means a lot since patients usually had to wait for days or even weeks before getting the results of their mammography scans.

Dr. Michael Recht, Radiology Chairman, NYU Langone, said "It's more labor intensive to do this, it's more difficult to do this, but we felt that if patients want that and we want to be a patient centric medical center, we need to make the effort to do that"

According to the results of the mammography scans, the need for conducting further tests is discussed. Some of these tests can be arranged and carried out during the same day. The center also allows its patients the option whether to receive the results of their mammography scans at the same day or they can wait for some days later. Nearly 50% of the women attending the facility choose to wait for their results.

Dr. Jiyon Lee, NYU Langone Medical Center, commented "There are patients who are happy to get they're screening mammogram, and are happy to wait for the results because most mammograms are going to be normal,"

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