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Doctors Should Inform Women with Dense Breast Tissue about Cancer Risks

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Mammography news Professor Dr Yip Cheng Har, consultant breast surgeon at Universiti Malaya in Malaysia, said that doctors who detect high breast density in their female patients should tell them about the link between the high density and breast cancer. Doctors should also encourage these patients to go for regular mammography screening for breast cancer.

Professor Har said that a lot of doctors find it difficult to explain to their patients the link between breast density and breast cancer as patient may become anxious. Yet, this information can be important to guide these women to undergo regular mammography screening and thus save their lives. Professor Har explained “Currently, radiologists do not record breast density readings and women in the category may want to ask for this to be done,” She also highlighted that younger women normally have dense breast tissues, but this is considered abnormal among older ones.

Mammography scans on dense breast tissues are always harder in interpretation. This is why women with dense breast tissues are recommended to carry out physical self-examination of the breast, along with mammography, on regular basis to detect any abnormalities at early stages.

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