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Waupun Memorial Hospital Starts Offering Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

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Women's imaging news Waupun Memorial Hospital, in Waupun, WI and a part of the Agnesian HealthCare, has started to offer its patients Stereotactic Breast Biopsy system. The latter represents the latest breast screening technology. The new technology, along with the recently added digital mammography, means that women living in Waupun are now offered complete breast care service.

Dr. Karen Reynolds, MD, a board-certified general surgeon serving at the hospital, said that Stereotactic breast biopsy represents the latest solution in accurate differentiation between benign and malignant breast lesions. In addition, the solution is pain-free and less invasive option to acquire breast biopsies. Dr. Reynolds explained “The stereotactic breast biopsy method can be used to identify breast cancer at every stage, but is most beneficial to those with early stage breast cancers,” she added “Women can obtain a highly-specific result with minimal intervention and discomfort.”

Stereotactic breast biopsy technique is used after mammography to acquire biopsies. The results of the latter are prepared much quicker than those of traditional biopsy procedure. Stereotactic breast biopsy is carried out by a radiologist and the procedure takes place after recommendation of the surgeon of the patients.

Fred Klein, MD, Radiology medical director at Waupun Memorial Hospital, explained “These imaging-guided biopsies typically involve smaller samples, and therefore produce less trauma to the breast and patient,” adding “The number of cases done surgically nowadays compared with 10 years ago is significantly reduced.”

Stereotactic breast biopsy starts with asking the patient to lie, face down, on a table. The biopsy system then uses its 3D reconstruction features to locate, precisely, the site of the breast lesion. A local anesthetic is then used before a radiologist use low-dose X-ray to locate the lesion. Tissue sample is then acquired and the biopsy result is ready within 48 hours.

Dr. Reynolds said “The need for high-quality, up-to-date breast healthcare in the greater Waupun area has driven the need for a stereotactic machine,” She concluded “Breast cancer can be a very emotional time. We hope that by providing all- inclusive care at one facility we can minimize or at least reduce some of the emotions. We strive to provide excellent, up-to-date care for all our patients and this is just one more example of Agnesian HealthCare’s commitment to Waupun and the surrounding areas.”

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