You are in PORTALS Women's Imaging Investigations for Breast cancer at the ABC Toowong site, finished.

Investigations for Breast cancer at the ABC Toowong site, finished.

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In late 2006, ABC announced that it will leave its site at Toowong due to a breast cancer cluster. Between 1996 -2007, 18 women have been identified to have breast cancers. Yet, the cause of the cluster was not found.

A group of experts led investigations using radiation tests on the site during 2007 and 2008. And results showed that the site had lower radiation exposure levels than the accepted public health levels.

Yet, it was found that the risk of breast cancer among women who worked at that site was six times higher than the rate in the community.ABC Toowong Site

The investigation leader, Professor Bruce Armstrong said: "There's really nothing further that they can do that could reduce the risk in women who worked there, or indeed, to elucidate any further what the causes of it were," And he added that ABC acted responsibly when it closed that site. And that showed respect of ABC to women who had cancer. "They've offered them mammograms [and] I understand that there's been some additional support given to them in various ways." added the professor.

Experts concluded that no more tests were needed and ABC is to proceed with selling the site. ABC planned earlier in December to have its new Queensland headquarters at South Bank in Brisbane.

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