You are in PORTALS Women's Imaging Kuwait will Release its First Mobile Digital Mammography Service Soon.

Kuwait will Release its First Mobile Digital Mammography Service Soon.

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Radiology1Kuwait is going soon to release its first mobile digital mammography unit, which will help in early detection of breast cancer. The mobile is going to be operational and moving around the country`s six governorates. Kuwait Society for preventing Smoking and Cancer (KSPSC) celebrated the arrival of the new mobile last week. Dr. Hilal Al Sayer, the health minister, mentioned that "This is a great step towards improving the public's awareness of cancer. Such projects support the ministry's efforts to cure this disease, and I stress the importance of diagnosing cancer early, especially in cases of breast cancer, as it is one of the most common types of cancer in Kuwait and around the world," The minister explained that the mobile digital mammography unit will help those who would like to have checkup by saving their time and effort. He added that "Early discovery is an easy and effective way to increase the likelihood of curing cancer in its first phases. This will also increase a patient's possibility of getting well and decreasing the load on medical centers as patients will not have to go through long and expensive medical treatment procedures."

The Kuwait Institution for the Advancement of Science (KIAC) declared that it supports the project. Dr. Fayza Al Kharafi, the Chairperson of the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Campaign, said. "I would like to thank KIAC for their support and I hope that other institutes and societies will do the same," Fayza added that "KIAC is well known for their support of development projects that serve society. Launching this preventative checkup campaign is an excellent addition to the CAN Campaign's achievements in the past few years," The chairman of KSPSC, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awadhi said that there are special programs for this untie will be set up in order to satisfy the needs of the individuals in Kuwait. He mentioned "This project is just the beginning and we are looking for more products toto serve the whole society,"

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