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Telehealth news Tunstall Healthcare, a leading company providing healthcare IT solutions, has recently started offering its Hearing Impairment Kit in Merseyside. The kit is a telehealth solution that helps people with impaired hearing function.

Tunstall’s Hearing Impairment Kit is provided as a part of a partnership between the company, Sefton Borough Council and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. The kit can be used by patients regardless their age. Hearing Impairment Kit allows its users to live more independently and safely at the same time.

Tunstall's Hearing Impairment Kit includes the company’s Lifeline Connect solution, in addition to home unit with personal trigger, and various telecare sensors including smoke detectors, pager alert and a pillow alert pad. The sensors release alerts to users in case of emergencies.

“It is what we're here for, to provide peace of mind to people and empower them to live their lives.” said Alex McGowan, Sefton Careline Team Manager. He added “It's great that the technology is advancing all the time and we're able to help people in more creative ways. We're getting positive feedback from all the clients using the service, including our younger clients.”

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