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Tunstall to Implement a Telehealth Program at NHS Gloucestershire

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Telehealth news Tunstall Healthcare, a major company providing healthcare IT solutions, announced a new partnership with NHS Gloucestershire. Tunstall will provide a large-scale telehealth program at NHS Gloucestershire, aiming to support the management of patients with chronic conditions.

Tunstallís telehealth program offers a managed system of care and response targeted at monitoring short and medium term care needs of patients with chronic conditions. The program will eventually help NHS Gloucestershire by reducing hospital admissions.

Gloucestershire is a population of nearly 600,000; about 6,000 of which are patients with chronic conditions. Therefore, using Tunstallís telehealth solution is surely coming to the right place at the right time. The telehealth program will include 2,000 patients with conditions such as chronic heart failure (CHF), chronic heart disease (CHD), diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

"The widespread use of telehealth technology will complement other developments across the NHS in Gloucestershire to help reduce referrals to hospitals, help more patients to receive their care within, or as close to, home as possible and help more patients to understand better and self manage their own conditions, within the safety and fabric of telehealth monitoring." said Dr. Will Haynes, a Gloucester-based GP and practice-based commissioning lead for Gloucester, also working with Tunstall on the telehealth project.† "As a GP, I welcome the opportunity to use these tools to work with patients to understand their condition," he concluded.

Implementing the telehealth program will begin this summer. Tunstall, along with Ernst & Young, will be offering complete project management. "We are extremely pleased to be working in a strategic partnership with such an innovative team. We are committed to ensuring this large-scale managed telehealth service is a success and I am confident that patients and clinicians will benefit greatly in the future," said Jon Lowe, Tunstall's Managing Director.

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