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Capital Group Holdings to Release Telemedicine Platform under OneHealthPass Brand

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Capital Group Holdings Inc. announced that the telemedicine platform they were working on will be launched under the OneHealthPass (OHP) brand. OneHealthPass is a complete telemedicine offering of products and services delivered via a centralized platform built using open-source architecture.

OneHealthPass allows members to access a suite of telemedicine services such as access to doctor consultations via telephone or the internet through a nationwide physician's network, which is available allover day and night. Members will also have access to a wide range of services such as online lab testing, personal health record storage and delivery, information libraries and exercise and nutrition resources. Users have to pay a low monthly fee, either directly or indirectly through an employer group or association, and will have a single point of contact to access and manage their vital health and wellness information and OHP services.

This enables OHP customers to organize healthcare products and services to be compatible with their lifestyle and wellness goals. All members' health information can be securely stored in a dynamic personal health record account, with full HIPAA and HITECH compliant portability for sharing their medical data with their primary care physicians, as well as other medical professionals and organizations.

The OneHealthPass platform is designed to grow naturally, using an extensive API and robust plug-in infrastructure to allow 3rd party developers to innovate above and beyond core system functionality. Elements of the platform will also be released to the open-source community to promote collaboration in addressing key interoperability issues currently plaguing the HIT world.

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