Noemalife cooperates with NHS trust to provide clinical IT solutions


NoemaLife, company providing healthcare workflow automation and process management solutions from neomalifeItaly, celebrated the launched of its NoemaLife in the United Kingdom. NoemaLife offers its solutions in a wide range of healthcare facilities in Italy and other countries in Europe, aiming to enhance their workflow and processes. As a new step in its European expansion, NoemaLife combines efforts with NHS Trusts in the UK to provide clinical IT solutions.

“Due to the uncertainty around the National Program for IT in England we’re seeing trusts beginning to reassess their healthcare IT solutions. The time is therefore ripe to extend NoemaLife’s expertise into the market to help the Trusts attain similar standards of efficiency and cost effectiveness as their Italian counterparts.” said Robyn Tolley, managing director, NoemaLife UK. NoemaLife offers high quality solutions, developed to be applied in several aspects, such as electronic medical records (EMR), pathology, infection control and Radiology Information Systems/PACS. These solutions were designed to meet the needs of medical teams. They are easily implemented and help staff to operate efficiently to offer higher levels of healthcare services.

“The UK expansion is the next logical move for NoemaLife, especially given the similarities between the two health infrastructures. We see huge potential in the region and look forward to the role that NoemaLife can play in helping NHS Trusts optimize their efficiency and exceed the targets being placed upon them in terms of both patient care and budget management.” said Francesco Serra, chief executive of NoemaLife S.p.A.