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Intelerad Medical Systems cooperate with Advanced Radiology Services using InteleOne

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Intelerad Medical Systems, a leader in radiology PACS and PACs workstations, mentioned that it has signed a new InteleRadcontract with Advanced Radiology Services (ARS) where the later will use Inteleard's InteleOne to report diagnostic imaging workflows and studies from multiple PACS sites. Larson Allen consultants and Radiology Business Journal considered ARS as the largest private radiology group in the United States. ARS employs about 100 full-time radiologists to report more than 1 M studies per year in 22 sites.

Dr. Kon Loewig, President of Advanced Radiology Services, said: “After two years of research and due diligence we selected Intelerad as our partner, recognizing their experience with complex solutions and a shared vision for product direction,” he added: “We anticipate achieving significant efficiency gains, offering wider subspecialty reading services, and reducing report turnaround times. InteleOne should also allow us to attract and retain the most talented radiologists.”

InteleOne features will help to optimize the use of network imaging data transfer. It also allows radiologists to access studies regardless of radiologists location. InteleOne aims to improve workload balancing, subspecialty reporting, and includes integrated voice identification and recognition. “We are pleased to have ARS as a customer because InteleOne was specifically designed for organizations facing the same challenges as theirs,” said Randall I. Oka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intelerad Medical Systems. “ARS choosing InteleOne validates our Innovation Award for Medical Imaging Workflow Solutions recently received from Frost & Sullivan Healthcare.” Oka added.

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