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Carestream Health Showcases its Innovative CARESTREAM PACS Workstation

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PACS newsCarestream Health, a leading provider of healthcare IT innovations, has recently showcased its CARESTREAM PACS workstation during the 5th Scanner Volumique Conference, held in Nancy, France, on 24th and 25th January.

The annually-held event represents a perfect platform for healthcare IT technology providers to give live demonstrations of their latest CT image post-processing software. This year and for the first time, the event included a PACS console.

Three live demonstrations using CARESTREAM PACS were carried out by Dr. Orly Goitein, Head of Cardiovascular Imaging at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. The demonstrations included cardiac, vascular and oncology cases highlighting the latest improvements to the console.

Dr. Goitein described the capabilities of the Carestream PACS workstation as "impressive".

He continued, "The automatic volumetric multi-modality registration of prior exams allows fast, easy and efficient study comparison, which are daily tasks radiologists deal with. The dedicated post processing packages (for example: the cardiac, vascular and oncology packages) offer advanced reconstruction tools inherent within this PACS workstation system."

Carestream Health was among the first healthcare IT solutions providers to integrate 3D image processing and analysis features into its PACS solutions. Adding these features resulted in significant improvements in workflow as radiologists no longer need to go to a post-processing special workstation. Moreover, the design of the CARESTREAM PACS permits the use of 3D functions through its interface from any workstation, inside or outside the facility.

The advanced image processing features of the CARESTREAM PACS enable: automatic segmentation of all vessels (including cardiac vessels), automatic volume synchronization of different exams, stenosis quantification and aneurysm assessment, measurement of cardiac ejection fraction, and specialized measurement tools for mammography and orthopaedics.

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