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Health Imaging Hub is a leading medical imaging and healthcare IT website with an emphasis on e-learning, online education, global news and industry resources that began with an aim to provide readers and advertisers a global perspective with regionally focused coverage. Since its inception in April 2010, Health Imaging Hub has significantly increased its subscriber database and today is considered one of the top preferred online destinations for medical imaging and healthcare IT professionals worldwide.

Health Imaging Hub is registered in the U.S. under OTech Media, Inc.  Imaging technology experts, medical imaging scientists and online marketing specialists launched Health Imaging Hub after carefully evaluating the need assessment for e-learning and regionally focused information by connecting imaging experts to developing countries all over the world. This not only filled an existing knowledge gap but has also opened up numerous opportunities for imaging companies to expand their business globally.

Why Advertise Online?
Internet is the fastest growing medium in history. Over 90% of all businesses use the Internet, with over 75% utilizing it for their purchasing decisions and sales lead generation.  With online advertising, you can instantly reach a global audience and maintain a consistent presence in front of potential buyers.

Why Advertise on Health Imaging Hub?
Health Imaging Hub achieved in a few months what other imaging-centric websites took years to accomplish. Our user base is growing by 30% monthly and we are considered the 2nd preferred online destination for health imaging professionals.  Since the site went live in June 2010, the Hub has achieved:

Alexa Ranking of 189,000
Over 30,500 indexed pages in Google
Over 50,000 monthly unique visitors
Over 200,000 monthly page views
35,000 + registered visitors
30,000 + newsletter subscribers
8:98 minutes on site per user
5.5 page views per viewer

Advertising Options
With Health Imaging Hub, you reach a global audience at one of the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) in the industry. The Hub offers an array of promotional options, including:

  • Banner Ads
  • Inline Ads
  • Fully Optimized Business Directory
  • ePosium
  • Media Partnership
  • E-blast / Newsletter ads
  • Communities & Regional Portals
  • On-demand Media (Webcast, WhitePaper, eAdvertorial, etc.)

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