Health Imaging Hub 27-08-2010

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As Health Imaging Hubs popularity is increasing day by day and we crossed 200,000 mark in Alexa, I want to take this opportunity to pay my sincere thanks to all of our subscribers and readers who provided considerable support through relevant feedback and timely input during the early stages of Hub development. As I wrote earlier in one of my blogs what makes the Hub special and different from other radiology portals is our continuous effort to promote medical imaging education through our regular free online courses and Radiology Education.  Based on the feedback of our valued readers, hub is changing the entire interface of the portal which will be much more user friendly and interactive in terms of easy navigation.

We also believe that third world countries are not having enough resources and interaction option in medical imaging so we are trying to develop regional portals so everyone could get benefit of the Hub. For our Arabic readers, we are introducing now medical imaging courses in both English and Arabic for better understanding. We plan to deliver such lectures in other languages based on the need and feedback from our readers. I would appreciate if you could take a minute and send us your suggestions regarding what you want to see more in our new layout and upcoming strategy to build the hub (you can directly send your suggestions to me at

We are changing the structure of portals on the hub as well. Very soon you will see all what you need to know and take your decision regarding a particular portal with jobs, education, downloads, events, feature stories, market watch, forums and community networking etc, under each portal, so you can explore, learn and interact for the portal of your choice from portal home.

There have been regular queries about advertising and branding through hub, which we have been delaying deliberately as the first and the foremost concentration was building the network and quality content for our users. Since last 6 months, Hub did considerable effort in generating unique content, educational resources, online courses and radiology teaching files to attract a vast base of medical imaging professionals. The newsletter was started successfully this month as well. We will be publishing soon our media kit and our sales/marketing contacts so anyone who wants to brand himself through our platform can go for it with more confidence, especially that we are ranking and appearing in major search engines for major medical imaging related keywords very fast, which brings ultimate visibility and targeted visitors who come to our site to learn and experience what they are really looking for. That is one of the reasons that Health Imaging Hub never adopted strategy of advertising through search engines, what is called PPC, as we believe, its our strong content and our organic presence in search engines that is going to give us regular boost in our visits and ultimately increasing visibility of our partner companies who are using Hub for their branding.

Again, I wish all of you good luck and hope to hear back from you soon.

Zaheer Abbas Malik
Executive Director

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