You are in PORTALS Healthcare IT iSOFT and Gateway sign a new partnership deal to provide WinDIP to NHS

iSOFT and Gateway sign a new partnership deal to provide WinDIP to NHS

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iSOFT Group Limited, a major healthcare IT solutions provider, made a new partnership with Gateway isoftlogoComputing Ltd to deliver an electronic document management solution (EDMS) to the NHS, the solution is called WinDIP Enterprise.

WinDIP Enterprise represents a new addition to the product portfolio of iSOFT. It offers the customers the ability to manage documents in any location. The solution, designed for the healthcare sector, is easy to use and provides significant cost savings. Moreover, its scaleable, modular structure can be combined with other applications to establish a complete document management solution.

"With iSOFT's experience in the NHS clinical arena and Gateway's knowledge of the NHS built up over 16 years, we believe that the EDMS offering now available via iSOFT offers an extremely good value for money solution and provides a trust-wide comprehensive solution to all areas of the NHS." said Scott Wilce, Sales Director, Gateway Computing. While Adrian Stevens, Managing Director of iSOFT's UK and Ireland business, said "With increased pressure on the NHS to meet efficiency targets, document management is becoming increasingly important. WinDIP Enterprise can retrieve any document within seconds, so finding that needle in the haystack will become a reality. iSOFT sees a great opportunity in the market place for this product."

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