Perceptive offers an improved reporting solution


Perceptive Informatics, a major eClinical solutions supplier, reported today that it has extended its prespectivemedical imaging abilities by introducing an enhanced reporting solution. Perceptive is considered between the first companies to provide a reporting solution that improves the industry-standard performance metrics for imaging core labs, defined by the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC).

Kenneth G. Faulkner, Ph.D., Vice President of Medical Imaging, Perceptive Informatics, said "The various stake holder groups within imaging-based clinical programs have diverse informational needs, which Perceptive is committed to meeting by continually enhancing our technology capabilities. Clients can benefit from our powerful reporting solution which has been designed to provide high quality data to enable greater insights into trial progress and support faster execution,"

An interesting feature of Perceptive's enhanced reporting solution is a dashboard that offers high level imaging performance metrics to carry vital study information instantly. The dashboard permits study leaders to view snapshots of study progress for quicker analysis of the produced data. Moreover, user-friendly graphical displays allow visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) and offer centralized access to imaging metrics for both multiple trials, and cross-study program monitoring. The imaging reporting solution is also supplied with a comprehensive suite of online interactive reports. These reports deliver data about study progress with interactive functioning that permits users to review several aspects of tracking performance.