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Synch-Solutions signs an agreement with MedAssets Supply Chain Systems to provide IT solutions

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Synch-Solutions celebrated an agreement with MedAssets Supply Chain Systems, one of the major group Synchpurchasing organizations (GPO) offering services to more than 1,700 hospitals and 40,000 non-acute care givers throughout the United States.

Synch-Solutions offers healthcare organizations a wide range of information technology service products, such as Synch-SMARTS(SM) Fully Managed Services, which allows MedAssets customers to decrease operating costs while, in the same time, confirms that their IT systems and practices are meeting the requirements of the emerging government regulations and patient healthcare standards. Synch-Solutions' partnership with hospital customers aims to become an essential part of their daily operations, or even offer help in a project-based manner. Synch-SMARTS(SM) services help healthcare organizations to meet the changes necessary to allow the implementation of Healthcare IT services, from planning and development to offering assistance in monitoring and management of databases, operating systems, and other IT equipment. Synch-SMARTS(SM) manages these critical functions as backup and disaster recovery, security and policy management, confirming compliance with federal laws and regulations in addition to required system performance.

John Sterling, Founder and CEO of Synch-Solutions, said "Synch-Solutions can provide efficiencies in technology for the medical community that will ultimately reduce cost," he added "This agreement combines the strength of MedAssets' presence in the healthcare industry with the solid IT service offerings of Synch-Solutions to create tremendous growth opportunity in an industry that is rapidly moving towards the implementation of Healthcare IT solutions."

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