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Healthcare IT news Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), October 9, 2012 – Health Matrix is proud to announce a new strategic alliance with Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre – Al Hasa (PSCCH) to implement Policy and Procedure (P&P) Management system at the facility. The project is intended to deliver, install, and commission the one-of-a-kind Ellucid Policy Manager solution from MCN Healthcare as a fully integrated Healthcare P&P platform for daily operations at healthcare facilities and which will also facilitate building a comprehensive library of proven custom-designed policies, procedures, and forms available to the medical staff anywhere and 24/7.

The Center is equipped with highly sophisticated medical equipment and telemedicine network, HIS and PAC system. The Team of PSCCH is showing a burning commitment to quality and International Standards to provide the best care to its Patients.

MCN Healthcare a global supplier of policy and learning management software created by healthcare professionals for healthcare organizations. Since its foundation in 1987, MCN Healthcare has been dedicated to improving patient care and safety worldwide and has been successfully implemented in large healthcare systems assuring excellence in policy management and continuing education for millions of patients. Ellucid Policy Manager is MCN's robust workflow and document control management system. It is designed for the healthcare industry to effectively maintain compliance, automate the policy workflow design process, and help healthcare organizations save time and money. The solution allows clients to tailor the customizable policy templates to their needs, update them continuously while being able to control and archive the different versions. Another great feature is the possibility of linking the policies to various world-wide healthcare standards and regulations.

Dr. Abdullah Ghabashi, Chief Executive Officer at PSCCH said, “The initiation of a policy management solution at PSCCH is major step for the Center to easily customize our policies and procedures as per International standards for easy access and compliance in our facility. The partnership with Health Matrix and MCN Health care enables us to install such system with features of an automated policy approval workflow process as well as version control.  The availability of a solid yet flexible policy system at the Center will act as a guide not just to our employees but to establish consistency and clarity of our operational activities.”

Abdul Rahman Qasim, Chief Executive Officer at Health Matrix concluded, “This alliance is a great milestone to us at Health Matrix and we are very delighted to be able to provide this unique state of the art solution as Ellucid policy manager. We trust that we are giving PSCCH an environmental-friendly tool to enhance their daily operations’ efficiency through automating the design of their own healthcare policies, tracking the on-going updates, and enhancing their workflow management for best results while saving time and reducing cost”.

About PSCC – Al Hasa

PSCCH is an entire complex of facilities and medical specialists focused on providing advanced, specialized treatment of cardiac diseases in a warm, comfortable and caring environment. Located in Hofouf, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, and with a 77-bed capacity the center is independent, governmental, not-for profit and MOH self managed facility. PSCCH started officially in 2009 with a pilot start up earlier in 2008. The centre receives patients through referrals in Hospitals, Military Hospital and private hospitals as well in the region as well its neighboring countries.

PSCCH is authorized to provide accredited Continuous Medical Education and Higher Education and is a recognized CPR Training Center in the region. For more information, visit www.pscch.med.sa

About MCN Healthcare

MCN Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to improve processes, implement best practices and enable care givers to work more effectively with access to the most current industry trends and knowledge. From its inception in 1987, MCN’s mission has been to provide products and services that make its clients’ lives easier. From the industry’s most advanced library of compliance document templates to new technology solutions to reduce workload, MCN has kept up with changing requirements, while never wavering from its core mission.

MCN provides direct access to experienced healthcare professionals and top experts in healthcare IT and clinical competency. More than 20,000 clients around the globe rely on MCN Healthcare’s innovative solutions to increase knowledge and ensure compliance. To learn more, visit www.mcnhealthcare.com.

About Health Matrix

Founded in 2009 with operating offices in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Health Matrix is a specialized Healthcare IT Company serving healthcare providers and regulators in the Middle East region. With a long-term strategy of improving the healthcare IT in the region, the company is focused on helping clients to adopt best-of-breed eHealth solutions developed by world-class healthcare IT corporations. These solutions were developed with a core principle of elevating the quality of care delivered to healthcare recipients in the areas of patient safety, risk management, workforce management, policies and procedures, healthcare eLearning, clinical decision support systems, as well as primary care.

Capitalizing on our team’s solid experience, local knowledge of the Middle East market, client-centered service approach, and the unique association with worldwide leading software vendors such as Datix, Kronos, MCN Healthcare & Learning, WaveMedical, and CureMD, we believe that Health Matrix is positioned to play a fundamental role in bridging the gap between the region healthcare practices and the international standards. We, in Health Matrix, are strong believers in innovation and deploying a cutting-edge technology to enhance the well being of our communities

For more information, please contact Ola AlAnqar, Marketing and Communications Manager from Health Matrix Corporation at ola.alanqar@healthmatrixcorp.com

For further information please contact:

Health Matrix Corporation

Ola AlAnqar

Marketing and Communications Manager

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E:  ola.alanqar@healthmatrixcorp.com

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