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Siemens Healthcare, a leading company providing healthcare IT solutions, has recently designed PreOPlan, a new software solution. PreOPlan was created in cooperation with Synthes, a major provider of bone implants, and it aim to help surgeons in virtually determining the plan of bone fracture surgeries. PreOPlan also helps in planning corrective interference for leg deformities (osteotomy).

PreOPlan allows surgeons to plan bone surgeries using X-ray images. In addition, thanks to its integrated implant database, from Synthes, surgeons can choose the best bone implants to use during the procedure. Moreover, Siemens’ PreOPlan helps in planning a procedure called “osteotomy on the knee.” This procedure includes separating the bones of the thigh near to the knee as a corrective action for leg malformations. PreOPlan helps surgeons to precisely determine the position, inclination and the size of the bony tissue that should be removed.

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