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Healthcare IT news JAC, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions in the UK, has recently signed a contract with Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust (SUHT). Based on the contract, JAC will install its Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) system at the trust.

The EMPA system will significantly help in decreasing medication prescription errors. The system will also offer the trust a new option for better auditing throughout the organization. Another important feature of EPMA is its ability to aid doctors in calculating the medication doses for pediatric patients, which means more safety levels.

"The Trust is committed to improving the safety of prescribing and we see EPMA as a reliable and effective method in helping us achieve this objective." said Martin Stephens, Associate Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness & Medicines Management and Chair of the e-Prescribing Project Group. He continued "The system will help staff (members) who are prescribing, administering and dispensing medicines and ensure access to the medicines record without reliance on the paper trail."

JAC will install the EMPA system at the trust at both its inpatient and outpatient departments. JACís solution was selected by the trust due to its multiple features that will help the trust in providing better service. The trust has been already using JACís Pharmacy Stock Control system, which will be integrated with the EPMA solution once installed.

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