You are in PORTALS Healthcare IT Toshiba Offers Extra-large Knee Coil for Vantage Titan MR to Enable better Bariatric Imaging

Toshiba Offers Extra-large Knee Coil for Vantage Titan MR to Enable better Bariatric Imaging

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In bariatric imaging, properly fitting coils are essential to precisely diagnose a patient's condition. Unfortunately, coils are often too small to accommodate patients.

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., is the first diagnostic imaging vendor to offer an extra-large knee coil with a 22 cm interior diameter for MR imaging. Toshiba announced FDA clearance for the extra-large knee Array coil for the Vantage TitanTM MR system

The wide diameter of the extra-large knee Array coil can accommodate most bariatric patients, creating a more comfortable exam for the patient and better accuracy for the clinician.

Ideal for imaging a flexed or bent knee, the extra-large knee Array coil can also be used when imaging non-bariatric patients and when patients cannot straighten their leg due to injury or a medical condition. "The coil can accommodate imaging bariatric patients and general population patients, allowing healthcare providers to use one knee coil for a range of procedures."  said Stuart Clarkson, director, MR Business Unit, Toshiba.

Its performance specifications include:

- Transmit-receive six-channel Array coil design
- 22 cm interior diameter
- Designed to acquire high-SNR images
- Removable upper coil: an attachment to ease patient positioning
- SPEEDER parallel processing to support faster scanning techniques
- Robust off-center imaging capabilities

Toshiba's extra-large knee Array coil can be used for most routine and advanced MR knee studies, including assessing cartilage, fractures or knee replacement. It is available to current and new Vantage Titan customer.

"By listening to customer feedback about the changing needs of patients, we learned that it is important to design products that will provide quality images without sacrificing patient care," Clarkson said.

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