Cerner's CareAware iBus Receives CE Marking Certification

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Healthcare IT news Cerner Corporation, a major company providing healthcare IT solutions, announced that its CareAware iBus has been awarded CE Marking certification from BSI on the basis of examinatiion under Council Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II Section 3.2.

Cerner’s CareAware iBus links important medical device information about patient health with the patient's electronic health record (EHR). After receiving CE certification, the solution will be available to healthcare facilities in the EU.

Tom Herzog, Cerner vice president for IT and healthcare devices, said "As a global leader in the development of device connectivity and workflow solutions, we are excited to extend the offering of our CareAware iBus solution into the European market," He added "Connecting medical devices to the patient's EHR supports healthcare interoperability, enabling patients and caregivers to access the right information at the right time."

Cerner’s CareAware iBus solution improves clinician workflow and patient safety by:

•    Promoting monitoring abilities of device performance, connectivity status and device utilization.
•    Reducing the chance of medication errors by virtually eliminating errors associated with manual data entry and improving the accuracy of data.
•    Enabling automatic calculations on medical device data, including trending capabilities for differentl sources of information, like heart rate and blood pressure.
•    Reducing manual transcription time into the EHR, giving clinicians more time for direct patient care.
•    Lowering the costs of interface implementation and maintenance thanks to effective management of medical device deployment.

Cerner’s CareAware iBus benefit of plug-and-play capabilities allow medical devices to be connected to the iBus like a USB port. Once connected, the device is immediately identified aand can beging transmitting patient data directly to the EHR.

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